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Continuing Education

CE Program

No annual renewal certificate shall be issued to a pharmacist until such pharmacist has submitted proof to the Board that he has participated in not less than fifteen (15) clock hours of continuing education obtained through the satisfactory completion of an accredited program of continuing professional education during the previous calendar year. (Title 59, O.S., Chapter 8 § 353.11a.)

The completion date of a CE program depends on whether the program was a live program or a correspondence/online course:

  1. If you attended a live program, the completion date is the date that you attended the program.
  2. If you participated in a correspondence/online course, these courses are not complete until a certificate of completion has been issued.  The following dates are accepted:
    • Date of authorized signature
    • Date issued/earned
    • Date exam processed
    • Activity Date (CPE Monitor)
  3. New graduates are NOT exempt from reporting continuing education.  While new graduates have obtained the minimum of 15 clock hours of education through their enrollment, during the renewal process they will be required to report the name of the school of pharmacy attended during the previous calendar year and the dates enrolled in pharmacy school during the previous calendar year.

Pharmacists and CE sponsors may use the following form to request evaluation and approval of a non-ACPE-approved continuing education program.  Only Board-approved or ACPE-approved programs may be used for credit toward the required 15 hours of annual continuing education.

Continuing Education (CE) Evaluation Application

Must be submitted for Board Approval of non-ACPE approved programs.

*The CE Committee meets quarterly to review Evaluation Applications received.

CE Program Resources

Last Modified on Apr 19, 2024
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