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The Mission of the Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy is to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of Oklahoma by regulating and enforcing the laws regarding the practice of pharmacy and the manufacturing, sale, distribution and storage of drugs, medicines, chemicals and poisons.

Appointments to the Board

The Board of Pharmacy consists of six members appointed by the Governor - five (5) pharmacists and one (1) public (lay) member.  Pharmacist members serve for a period of five years.  The public member serves a term which is co-terminous with the Governor (i.e. until the Governor's term expires).

Duties / Responsibilities:

The Board is responsible to promote, preserve and protect public health, safety and welfare by and through the effective control and regulation of the practice of pharmacy. The Board is responsible for the licensing and regulation of pharmacists, pharmacy interns and pharmacy technicians.

The Board is also responsible for the licensing and regulation of all pharmacies, medical gas suppliers, medical gas distributors and prescription drug wholesalers, packagers and manufacturers that do business in the State of Oklahoma.  The Board maintains approximately 19,904 registrant records.

The Board has the power and duty to inspect all places handling drugs, medicines, chemicals and poisons.  The Board is charged with the enforcement of federal and state controlled dangerous substance and prescription drug laws.

The Board investigates complaints concerning pharmacists, technicians and interns as well as pharmacies, medical gas suppliers and distributors, and prescription drug wholesalers, packagers and manufacturers.  The Board conducts hearings on all types of registrants and has the authority to reprimand, fine, suspend or revoke licenses and permits.  The Board also reviews and approves continuing education programs that pharmacists are required to complete in order to renew their license.


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Last Modified on Oct 06, 2023
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