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Standing, Technical, & Other Committees

Standing Committees

Audit Committee
Todd Booze, Daniel Favata, and Warren Goldmann

Budget, Fees, and Rules Committee
Dee Hays, Mitchell Hort, Zach Tippet, Donny Williamson and Cary Williamson

Education Committe
Brad Flatt, Paul Gunderson, Mitchell Hort, Scott Tucker, and Cary Williamson

Legislative Committee
Wayne Allen, Brad Flatt, Warren Goldman, Kyle Lombardo, and Cary Williamson

Personnel Committee
Todd Booze, Warren Goldmann, Paul Gunderson, Mitchell Hort, and Kyle Lombardo

Strategic Planning Committee
Mitchell Hort, Zach Tippett, and Cary Williamson  

Technical Committees

Electrical Technical Committee (ETC)

Position Representative
Commission Liaison Warren Goldmann
Commission Liaison Dee Hays
Commercial Electrical Contractor Jack Bradley
Residential Electrical Contractor Derrick Roberts
Electrical Contractor Larry Buxton
Electrical Code Official Patrick Deighton
Electrical Code Official Steve Malugani
Fire Code Official Jesse Benne
Engineer Jack Graham
Alternate Contractor (Commercial) Anthony Clark
Alternate Contractor (Residential) Brett Fields
Alternate Code Official Jeff Jarvis
Alternate Engineer Open

Building Existing Building and Fire Technical Committee (BEBF)

Position Representative
Commission Liaison Donny Williamson
Commission Liaison Paul Gunderson
Commission Liaison Cary Williamson
Commission Liaison Kyle Lombardo
Large Commercial Contractor Sam Stropes
Small Commercial Contractor Open Position
Building Code Official Joe Williford
Building Code Official Scott Wise
Fire Code Official Bryant VanFossen
Architect Marcia Gallant
Engineer Larry Curtis
Fire Protection Consultant Brandon Wilkerson
Private Statewide Association Member affected by the adoption of commercial codes Cal Cornwell
Alternate Contractor Open Position
Alternate Architect Kahle Wilson
Alternate Engineer Russell Bainbridge
Alternate Code Official Robert Kolibas

Code Academy Standing Advisory Committee

Position Representative
Commission Liaison from the Budget, Fees, and Rules Committee Mitchell Hort
Commission Liaison from the Education Committee Cary Williamson
Commission Liaison - Vice Chairman of the Commission Paul Gunderson
Inspector from a large Jurisdiction Open Position
Inspector from a small Jurisdiction Open Position
Inspector from a statewide group (OMIA, OPIA, etc.) Greg Armstrong
Lay Person Open Position
Oklahoma Municipal League Missy Dean
Fire Service Representative Chad Nash
Last Modified on Mar 29, 2024
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