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Board of Directors & Executive Staff

Board of Directors

Governor Kevin Stitt

Member Ex-Officio

John D. Jones


Will L. Berry


Todd A. Cone


Litigation Committee Chair

John Titsworth

Audit/Budget Committee Chair

Dana Weber

Modernization Committee Chair

Gene Love

Executive Staff

Joe Echelle

Executive Director

David Machamer

Assistant Deputy Director of Toll

Julie Porter

Chief Financial Officer

TJ Dill

Chief Engineer

Paul Caesar

Chief Information Security Officer

Joni Seymour

Chief Innovation Officer

Holly Lowe

Director of Cabinet-Wide Audit Office

Amanda Boulden

Director of Cabinet-Wide Information Technology

Marcus Williams

Director of Customer Service

Wendy Smith

Director of Finance

Mary Biswell

Director of Revenue Assurance

Darian Butler

Director of Engineering

Mark Kalka

Director of Maintenance

Brian Jepsen

Director of Human Resources

Lisa Salim

Communication & Marketing Manager

Todd Gore

Director of R/W and Utilities

Patrice Williams

Director of Business Operations

Micah Gardner


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