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Scott Lesher



Ruben Tornini

Deputy Administrator


Steven Coates

Assistant Deputy Administrator / General Counsel


Roberta Hale Assistant Deputy Administrator / Chief of Staff 405-522-4662
John Coyne Chief Enforcement Attorney 405-522-4660
Anthony Breshers Chief Examiner 405-522-9985
Liz Foster Director of Scheduling / Consumer Outreach Coordinator 405-522-0077
Vanessa Todd

Chief of Licensing


Stefanie Ashurst

Executive Assistant


Anissa Campbell Legal Admin Programs Officer II


Jennifer Word

Admin Programs Officer I


Steve Glasgow

Operations Coordinator


Sherry Allen Administrative Assistant I 405-522-4661
Vanessa Smith Administrative Assistant I 405-521-3644
Jimmie Ray Investigator 405-522-4669
Michael Thompson Investigator 405-522-6229
Richard Kellogg Regional Manager 405-522-6187
Megan Patterson Regional Manager 405-522-0296
Sarah Reynolds Regional Manager 405-522-6206
Sherri Schroder Regional Manager 405-522-0174
Geromy Briscoe Examiner IV 405-522-4670
Evan Earnest Examiner III 405-521-2181
Scott Ferguson Examiner IV 405-522-0167
Angela Gober Examiner IV 405-521-3503
Alicia Gregg Examiner IV 405-522-0144
Joe Johnson Examiner I 405-522-4641
Mary Keel Examiner IV 405-522-0101
Steve Kissling Examiner III 405-522-0173
Danny Nguyen
Examiner IV 405-522-0078
Deshia Parks Examiner IV 405-522-0253
David Perry Examiner III 405-521-2392
Rob Peters Examiner III 405-522-0514
Viola Peters Examiner IV 405-522-0187
Krystina Thompson Examiner I 405-522-6046
Christine Waters Examiner IV 405-522-5505
Scott White Examiner IV 405-522-0168
Chris Williams Examiner IV 405-522-0252
Stephanie Younie Examiner IV 405-522-6257
Last Modified on Jun 20, 2024
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