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The Department of Consumer Credit is charged with the responsibility of administering the Uniform Consumer Credit Code, which includes provisions with respect to maximum charges, rate ceilings, disclosure requirements, enforcement rights, contract terms, advertising requirements and administration control. That responsibility includes investigation and licensing of creditors designated as Supervised Lenders, and regulation through filing of notice by non-supervised creditors. The Commission also has investigation and licensing duties under the Pawnshop Act, Precious Metal and Gem Dealers Act, Credit Services Organization Act, Health Spa Act, Oklahoma Small Lenders Act, Rental-Purchase Lessor Act and the Mortgage Broker Licensure Act. The Commission conducts customer records exams of licensed Supervised Lenders, Pawnbrokers, Credit Service Organizations, Oklahoma Small Lenders, Rental-Purchase Lessors, and Mortgage Brokers.

Last Modified on Jun 20, 2024
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