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Oklahoma Department of Consumer Credit

Educating consumer buyers, lessees, and borrowers against unfair practices.

The Department is responsible for the regulation of consumer credit sales and consumer loans in the State of Oklahoma. The Department is also responsible for the licensing and regulation of mortgage brokers, mortgage lenders, mortgage loan originators, pawnshops, Oklahoma small lenders, rental purchase lessors, health spa contracts, credit service organizations, consumer litigation funders, and precious metal and gem dealers. 

The Department of Consumer Credit furthers understanding of the terms of credit transactions; protects consumer buyers, lessees and borrowers against unfair practices; permits and encourages the development of fair and economically sound consumer credit practices, and implements the Uniform Consumer Credit Code in the State of Oklahoma.

Thank you for your interest in employment with the Oklahoma Department of Consumer Credit.

For all employment opportunities with the State of Oklahoma, apply online at the Office of Enterprise and Management Services (OMES), Human Capital Division (HCM).

Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact the Secretary of State at 405-521-3911




Contact the Federal Trade Commission.
(202) 326-2222

Contact the Social Security Administration

Last Modified on Jun 20, 2024
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