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Post Adoption Services

Post Adoption Services

Phone: (405) 521-2475

P.O. BOX 26768
OKC, OK 73125-9969

Post Adoption Services help to secure and support safe and permanent adoptive families for children with special needs. 

Services include:

  • Adoption Assistance is designed to provide adoptive families of any economic stratum with needed social services and medical and financial support to care for children who meet special needs criteria. ​
  • Post Adoption Support Services include: Mutual Consent Voluntary Registry, Confidential Intermediary Search Program, Reunion Registry and Respite.                    
  • Program Services assists with initial Subsidy Application, Tribal/Private and International Subsidy Applications, Subsidized Guardianship, Initial Review of DOC, Post Adoption Finance, Policy, Post Adoption Reports and New Employee Training.


Considering Adoption or Becoming a Foster Parent in Oklahoma?

Visit the Oklahoma Fosters Resource Center website for more information