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The Plan

A Multisector Plan on Aging is an approach that engages public, private, and other organizations to work together to improve the lives of older Oklahomans – specifically those 60 and older. The Multisector Plan on Aging will enable and empower us to prepare our communities for the future.

Our goal is to give every senior the confidence to live life on their terms and to provide them with the resources needed to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Why does Oklahoma need a Multisector Plan on Aging?

Did you know that by 2034, the number of older adults in the United States will outnumber children for the first time? There are approximately 875,877 adults aged 60 and older in Oklahoma and approximately 140,000 adults aged 80 or older. 

Add your name and email to the Multisector Plan on Aging distribution list to receive regular updates.

If you have questions, would like to get more involved, or would like to provide feedback about Oklahoma's Multisector Plan on Aging, please email

Aging Our Way: Ambassador Program

Oklahoma Human Services is looking for people to serve as Ambassadors for the Aging Our Way Plan in their communities. We’re recruiting people from cities and rural areas, who represent our state’s diversity. If you care about the health and well-being of older Oklahomans, you may be qualified to be an Ambassador. For more information about Aging Our Way: Oklahoma’s Multisector Plan on Aging Ambassador Program, email

Current State Report: Now Available

The Report supplies information on the current state of Oklahoma’s aging population and the challenges that the Plan may need to address, and it includes the results of the Listening Sessions and Statewide Survey conducted in May and July 2023. 

The Plan’s Steering and Advisory Committees are using the Current State Report to help make decisions about the first initiatives for the Multisector Plan on Aging. 

The Multisector Plan on Aging is a new approach that engages public, private, and other organizations to work together to improve the lives of aging Oklahomans. Oklahoma Human Services aims to develop a plan that looks ten years into the future. This plan will coordinate public, private, and grass roots efforts in the different communities across our state to achieve our goals that will benefit the population as it ages. Further, these goals will center on our ability to provide every aging individual with the opportunity to live their life on their terms and with the support and resources they need to lead healthy lives.

Oklahoma Human Services began preliminary stages of Multisector Plan on Aging development in January of 2023. The project to develop the Multisector Plan on Aging includes research, stakeholder engagement and vision planning. Currently, the period for development is 18 months – January 2023 to August of 2024. 

By 2034, the number of people 60 and older will outnumber children under the age of 18. This will create a ripple effect across every sector of our lives. As Oklahomans age, they will leave the workforce which will change how employers hire. They will need aging services, like home delivered meals, in a volume that our systems cannot currently support. This striking increase in the number of older Americans will change our society. The Multisector Plan on Aging is our effort to make sure that we change with it.

As the population of older Oklahomans increases, so would the need to provide effective and efficient resources focused on ensuring healthy living. The Multisector Plan on Aging would focus on creating strategies which would help ensure that there is a mechanism in place which caters to the growing needs and wants of the population.

Multisector Plan on Aging development is in the beginning stages and Oklahoma Human Services will seek input from stakeholders to identify what is important to older Oklahomans. This input will assist Oklahoma Human Services to create a plan that meets the needs of Oklahomans, by Oklahomans.

Multisector Plan on Aging will unite Oklahoma Human Services True North Goals and the Science of Hope to improve the lives of older Oklahomans and transform Oklahoma’s approach to serving our aging population. Further, we foresee development of the Multisector Plan on Aging accomplishing the following:

  • Build relationships across public and private sectors and facilitate relationships across a diverse group of stakeholders to improve services to aging Oklahomans
  • Raise awareness of aging issues and establish statewide priorities to cater to the needs and demands of the growing population
  • Create strategic synergies and positively impact areas which go beyond traditional healthcare like economic development, workforce, among others. 

Any person or organization interested in improving the lives of aging Oklahomans can have an impact on Multisector Plan on Aging activities. As aging is universal, we believe that this plan will benefit everyone. Specific ways you can become involved are described in our response to the question ‘How can I get involved with Multisector Plan on Aging development?’ below.

Oklahoma Human Services will periodically seek input from the public (through surveys and public listening sessions) and is interested to learn about you and /or your organization. Please use this link to provide information about you or your organization. Please note that completing the survey does not guarantee direct involvement in Multisector Plan on Aging development activities.

We are just beginning this effort. Check Oklahoma Human Services website frequently for the most up to date information. You can submit your contact information there as well to receive updates through the Multisector Plan on Aging email list.

After its development, Oklahoma Human Services will work on the implementation of recommended strategies to better the lives of Oklahomans. The Multisector Plan on Aging is a living document and will be updated periodically to reflect the needs of aging Oklahomans.

Last Modified on May 06, 2024
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