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OKDHS:2-40-50. Information Technology Portfolio Management Governance Board

Issued 8-1-10

(a) Purpose.  The Information Technology Portfolio Management Governance Board (IT Governance Board) is charged with reviewing, approving, and recommending for funding and resource level all information technology projects.  Board members assess project technical validity and value, and ensure cross-division planning, scheduling, and compatibility of projects. 

(b) Membership.  The board is composed of 13 members appointed by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (OKDHS) chief officers as follows:

  • (1) chief administrative officer – two members;
  • (2) general counsel – one member;
  • (3) chief financial officer - one member;
  • (4) chief information officer - one member;
  • (5) chief coordinating officer - four members;
  • (6) chief operating officer - three members; and
  • (7) the chief information officer.

(c) Bylaws.  The IT Governance Board adopts, alters, or amends bylaws that must be ratified by the Director and chief officers.

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