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340:75-15-91. Adoptive home closure

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Revised 9-17-18

An adoptive home is closed, when:

(1) the adoptive parent requests closure;

(2) the adoptive parent completes the adoption of a child from the Oklahoma Department of Human Services and does not want to reapply;

(3) the adoptive parent moves out of state;

(4) the adoptive parent's address is unknown;

(5) the adoptive parent displays a lack of interest and cooperation; or

(6) conditions exist concerning the adoptive home, adoptive parent, or household member, per Oklahoma Administrative Code 340:75-15-88.


Revised 9-17-18


1. (a) Notice of adoptive home closure. The resource specialist consults with the resource supervisor and field manager to determine when to close an adoptive home. When possible, the resource specialist makes face-to-face contact with the adoptive parent to clarify the reason for the home's closure. A letter is sent to the adoptive parent, with the reason for closure. Relevant Oklahoma Department of Human Services rules are cited and attached.

(b) Resource closing summary. The resource specialist prepares a closing summary outlining the reasons for closure and stating whether the adoptive applicant could be considered as a resource parent in the future. The summary is entered in KIDS Resource Closure when the resource is closed.

(c) Resource record at closure. When the resource parent adopted a child through DHS, the resource file is scanned into the KIDS File Cabinet under the Adoptive Resource within 30-calendar days of finalization of the adoption.

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