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Library: Policy

317:40-5-113. Adult Day Services

Revised 6-25-12

(a) Introduction.  Adult Day Services are provided by agencies approved by the Developmental Disabilities Services Division (DDSD) of the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (OKDHS) that have a valid Oklahoma Health Care Authority contract for providing Adult Day Services.  This service is available through the Community Waiver, Homeward Bound Waiver and through the In-Home Supports Waiver for Adults.  Adult Day Services is a structured, comprehensive program that provides a variety of health, social, and related support services in a protective environment for some portion of a day.  Individuals who participate in adult day services receive these services on a planned basis during specified hours.  Adult day services are designed to work toward the goals of:

  • (1) promoting the member's maximum level of independence;

  • (2) maintaining the member's present level of functioning as long as possible, preventing or delaying further deterioration;

  • (3) assisting the member in achieving the highest level of functioning possible;

  • (4) providing support, respite, and education for families and other caregivers; and

  • (5) fostering socialization and peer interaction.

(b) Eligibility requirements.  Adult Day Services are provided to eligible members whose teams have determined the service is appropriate to meet their needs.  Members must:

  • (1) require ongoing support and supervision in a safe environment when away from their own residence;

  • (2) be 18 years of age or older; and

  • (3) not pose a threat to others.

(c) Provider requirements.  Provider agencies must:

  • (1) meet the licensing requirements set forth by Section 1-873 et seq of Title 63 of the Oklahoma Statutes;

  • (2) comply with OAC 310:605, Adult Day Care Centers;

  • (3) allow DDSD staff to make announced and unannounced visits to the facility during the hours of operation;

  • (4) provide the DDSD case manager a copy of the individualized plan of care;

  • (5) submit incident reports per OAC 340:100-3-34;

  • (6) maintain a copy of the member's Individual Plan (Plan);

  • (7) submit Oklahoma Department of Human Services (OKDHS), Provider Progress Report for each member receiving services per OAC 340:100-5-52; and

  • (8) serve as a member of the Personal Support Team and meet the Personal Support Team requirements per OAC 340:100-5-52.

(d) Coverage.  The member's Plan contains detailed descriptions of services to be provided and documentation of hours of services.  All services must be authorized in the Plan and reflected in the approved plan of care.  Arrangements for care must be made with the member's case manager.

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