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Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) maps are prepared by the Geospatial Data Management Division at the Oklahoma Transportation Cabinet. It is a summary of traffic collected at "continuous" and "one day" traffic recorder locations on Oklahoma Highways. The traffic estimate shown follows the procedures outlined in FHWA’s "Traffic Monitoring Guide" and AASHTO’s "Guidelines for Traffic Data Programs".

The maps contained herein have been updated to conform to the Oklahoma Highway Data File. Any errors found in this report should be brought to the attention of the Geospatial Data Management Division.

The Geospatial Data Management Division is responsible for the assignment of AADT estimates. Contact them for AADT information not contained in this publication.

An interactive AADT map can be found on Oklahoma Transportation's GIS Spotlight page. The interactive AADT map contains count locations and traffic monitoring history in addition to the count data found on the PDF maps.

Interactive AADT Map

State and Urban Maps

Statewide and Urban Maps
Statewide Urban Maps
OKC Metro Tulsa Metro

AADT Maps by District

AADT Maps by County

Last Modified on Jul 24, 2023
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