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OARS Tip #4: Show the Industry Need

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

By Jessica Stewart, Client Services Manager

Why is industry need important? It shows to the reviewers that what's being proposed isn't a solution to a problem that doesn't exist, thereby having a stronger case for launch to the market. Industry need also strengthens the market/commercialization story you're telling and contributes to the economic impact of the project.

👉🏻 How do you demonstrate industry need in your application?

✔ In the Project Plan, ensure you've addressed industry need in the "Significance of the Project" section. Consider discussion of the background of the problem, the ways others may have tried to address the problem, and why it's still a problem in that particular sector or industry - voila, you have a case for industry need for your fantastic, innovative, solution.
✔ Gather letters of support from potential customers or end users to support the industry need arguments you've made. You can submit up to three letters - use them to your advantage.
✔ Emphasize industry need in the Traction section of the Go-To-Market plan. Traction may look like customers who have been willing to pilot/test iterations of the proposed technology, or an end-user who is willing to field demo the product.

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Last Modified on Aug 31, 2022