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Continuing Education (CE)

Continuing Education Approved Programs

Use the link below to verify with The Academy of Professional Funeral Service Practice (the Academy) what courses were/are offered. 

**Board staff does NOT receive notices of when in person Continuing Education opportunities are being offered and therefore cannot assist funeral directors in finding CE that meets the physically present requirement.

Oklahoma Funeral Board Meetings Guidelines

Oklahoma Funeral Board has approved its own Board Meetings as opportunities for funeral directors and embalmers to receive CE credits. 

Per Section 235:10-13-10(a), one contact hour shall be construed as 50 minutes of learning activity. Each 50 minutes of attendance at a Board meeting constitutes on contact hour. This Continuing Education credit for attendance at the Board meeting meets the guidelines to be counted towards the required physical presence Continuing Education.

Should an administrative hearing regarding a complaint take place or a consent order be presented to the Board during a Board meeting attended by the licensee who is not a Respondent, one hour per hour of administrative hearing or consent proceedings of that meeting may count towards the Continuing Education ethics requirement. Not less than one hour of ethics will be counted if any administrative hearings or consent orders are held or presented.

No credit will be given to anyone during periods of time when the Board is in executive session.

A licensee wishing to receive credit for time attending a Board meeting must be physically inside the meeting room during the portions of the meeting for which credit is sought and must personally sign in and must personally sign out on the designated attendance list in order to receive any credit. Board staff will email the licensee the awarded credits via the licensee's personal email address on file with Board records.  

Those licensees required to attend the Board meeting for a complaint and/or hearing in which they are a Respondent may not count the hours from that Board meeting toward their Continuing Education requirements.

Click the link below to view when the next available Board Meeting will take place

Board Meeting Dates

Last Modified on May 17, 2023
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