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From The Desk Of Ernie The Eagle

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Ernest Percival Pendelton III

Meet "Ernie the Eagle", the newest and boldest addition to the Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs family. Ernie is a bald eagle with a razor-sharp wit, a flair for humor, and a knack for keeping everyone on their talons with his clever, sarcastic commentary. Though he may not have served in the military himself, Ernie boasts a deep and proud heritage of military service that spans every branch, including the Space Force!

Born and raised in the heart of Oklahoma, Ernie's family tree is a testament to the courage and dedication of America's service members. His grandfather soared the skies as a daring pilot in the Air Force, his grandmother was a trailblazing officer in the Army, his father served with honor in the Navy, his mother championed the Marine Corps, his brother is a rising star in the Coast Guard, and his cousin is exploring new frontiers in the Space Force. Ernie's knowledge of military life is second to none, thanks to the rich tapestry of stories and experiences shared by his loved ones.  Why did Ernie not join up himself?  That's a great question, and we would love to tell you!  It seems our feathered friend just wasn't able to keep a good grip on his mouth.  Sometimes, a support role really is for the best!

Ernie's mission is to bring a fresh and engaging presence to ODVA, connecting with veterans and their families, as well as staff through laughter and camaraderie. He thrives on engaging in friendly banter with other state agencies on social media, using his sharp beak and even sharper humor to spread messages of support and solidarity. Whether he's cracking jokes or sharing poignant stories, Ernie's goal is to honor the sacrifices of veterans and their families while making them smile.

When he's not busy being the voice of ODVA, Ernie loves to spend his time exploring Oklahoma's beautiful landscapes, from the plains to the rivers, and everything in between. He's always on the lookout for new adventures and opportunities to connect with the veteran community.

Keep an eye out for Ernie the Eagle on your social media feeds—he's here to inform, entertain, and above all, to honor the brave men and women who have served our great nation.