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HOUSE BILL (HB) 3015 UPDATE: HB3015 has passed and the bill as written will reduce the supervision requirements from two years to 3,000 hours. The Board is having discussions on this bill and how it will impact licensees. Please continue to check our website for updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  • How do I receive a copy of your mailing list?
    Make your request in writing advising the office of what information you would like to receive and in what format you would like to receive it. The cost is $100. Please allow ten working days for receipt of information.
  • I lost my wallet card and need a new one sent to me.
    Replacement wallet cards can be printed within the licensee portal. Simply log into the licensee portal with your User ID/Password. Duplicate wallet cards and wall certificates can be printed within the licensee portal system under your login information.
  • I cannot locate a person under supervision on your "Licensee Search" page.
    Supervisees are not reflected on our website. If you would like information regarding persons under supervision please contact our office.
  • How do I change my name on my license?
    Submit official documentation reflecting your legal name change (Marriage Certificate, Divorce Decree, Order for Name Change) and a copy of your driver's license reflected the new name you wish to use.
  • What does a social worker do?
    The "practice of social work" means the professional activity of helping individuals, groups or communities enhance or restore their capacity for physical, social and economic functioning and the professional application of social work values, principles and techniques in areas such as clinical social work, social service administration, social planning, social work consultation and social work research. Social workers help people obtain tangible services; counsel with individuals, families and groups; help communities or groups provide or improve social and health services; and participate in relevant social action. The practice of social work requires knowledge of human development and behavior; of social, economic and cultural institutions and forces; and of the interaction of all of these factors. Social work practice includes the teaching of relevant subject matter and of conducting research into problems of human behavior and conflict.
  • How do I obtain a copy of the NASW Code of Ethics?

Continuing Education

  • How do I obtain individual approval for continuing education attended but not approved by OSBLSW, ASWB or NASW-CE?
    Complete and submit the Continuing Education Application For Licensees, Form 505, to the office for approval. These forms are reviewed by the Board Consultant once a week.
  • How are the categories of continuing education defined?
    Category I is a workshop setting. Category II is a professional meeting. Category III is individual learning (online, etc.)
  • If I attend a webinar (workshop through a teleconference setting) and can interact with the speaker, what category of continuing education is this considered?
    Category I if you can interact with the speaker.
  • How do I know if something counts for ethics credit?
    Your certificate of completion will specifically say it is for ethics, OR the word "Ethics" will be found in the course title, OR the course description will say it is for ethics (additional documentation will need to be submitted).
  • What are my continuing education requirements if I hold two specialties?
    You are required to have 22 hours for each renewal period, three of which must be ethics hours.  

License Renewal

  • How many hours are required to renew my license?
    You are required to have 16 hours, eight of which must be in a face-to-face or live webinar setting and three of which must be ethics.
  • Once I submit my license renewal, is it automatically approved?
    No. License renewal submissions must be reviewed by the Board office before it is approved. You will receive an automated email when your renewal has been processed.
  • Can I renew a provisional license?
    No. A provisional license is granted one time for one year. In that year you must take and pass the proper level ASWB exam in order to activate the full license.
  • When will my license expire?
    All licenses, regardless of their issuance date, expire December 31 annually.  

License Application

  • How often are applications approved?
    Applications are approved through the Board office once all documentation has been received. You will still be listed on a Board meeting agenda as a formality, but you will not have to wait for the Board meeting to be issued your license.
    If you are needing to see if your license application will be presented, this information can be found on our Board meeting agenda, which is posted in the Meeting Dates, Agendas, & Minutes page and office at least 24 hours before the meeting.
  • What if my provisional license lapses and I have not passed the exam?
    You must immediately cease using the license credential and will need to reapply for approval to take the exam.
  • What costs are associated with applying for an Oklahoma social work license?
    Application $150; background check $51.25 but manual prints and out-of-state electronic prints have additional costs; transcripts average $10 but vary by institution; affidavit costs vary depending on potential notarizing fees; photo $0; and verification of licensure (out-of-state applicants only) vary by state.


  • Will OSBLSW accept a letter of completion from the school registrar in lieu of an official transcript?
    No. Rules require an official transcript with the degree conferred. It typically takes the school 4-6 weeks post-graduation to post degrees.
  • How long will it take before I receive my supervision approval information?
    Contracts receive top priority and are generally approved the day they are received.
  • Who can supervise me for licensure requirements?
    A person licensed on the level at which you wish to be supervised who holds the Board Approved Supervisor status. A licensee who holds the license for which you wish to be supervised who works within your agency may also supervise for licensure purposes; however, that licensee MUST be two years post passage of the proper level ASWB exam.
  • How do I find a Board Approved Supervisor?
    Visit the Licensee Search page to begin. You may search by first name, last name, city, category of license, state of license, and license types.
  • How do I become a Board Approved Supervisor?
    Our Board Approved Supervisors section provides the downloadable form and information. Complete and submit the form to the OSBLSW office for approval by the Board. Upon approval of the Board you must take the supervisor training within one year and every three years thereafter.
  • How do I know if I meet the requirements to be a Board Approved Supervisor?
    Download the Supervisor Requirements FAQs.
  • How often is a supervisor required to take the supervisor training course offered by the Board office?
    At a minimum every three years.
  • Will the OSBLSW accept a fax of my supervision paperwork?
    No. All original documents are required in the office.
  • Where do I find the date of the last supervisor training I attended?
    Perform a licensee search using your last name or license number and the "orientation date" is the last time you attended the training.
  • What credentials do I use if I am under supervision for a clinical license?
    You may use "MSW", "MSW, under supervision", or "MSW, u/s". Do NOT use LCSW in your signature as the L indicates "licensed".
  • Can I work in a contract labor position while I am under supervision?
    No. Only persons licensed as a LCSW or LSW-Administration may work in contract employee positions as this is considered the private practice of social work.
  • How do I know what hours are considered clinical practice hours for my supervision log?
    Clinical social work practice must include evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of emotional disorders and mental illness.
  • Can I get an approval to begin my supervision prior to obtaining employment?
    No. Part of the required documentation to approve the Contract is your job description. Our office cannot approve you for a position which you do not have with the employer. Until our office reviews the job description and confirms it meets with the goals for clinical supervision you cannot be approved.
  • A prospective employer will not hire me until I am approved to be under supervision.
    Ask the prospective employer to give you a copy of the job description and submit it to the office to confirm that it meets the requirements. If it does you will then want to enter into a supervision Contract with an approved supervisor to obtain a start date.
  • Can I count hours that I work in a volunteer position?
    No. All hours worked must be in a paid employment setting.

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Last Modified on Mar 19, 2024
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