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Agency Rate Packet

Service Definitions

Service Rate Table

The following rate table lists all monthly or annual billed services as well as appropriated services. Includes name, rate details and rate.

Monthly Billed Service and Products

Annual Billed Service and Products

Service Rate Positions

The Service Rate Positions provides OMES total revenue, total expense and net position by service.

Service Rate Methodologies

The Service Rate Methodologies provides an overview of how rates are calculated across the rate model service categories.

FTE Budgeted Average*

Essential products and services billed by employee headcount.

Named User

Additional, non-essential products and services billed per user. Includes licensing.

Pass Thru

Services and products delivered at cost with no markup.

Physical Address

Additional products and services billed by location. Includes network connectivity.

Professional Services

Services billed hourly based on skill level.


Additional products and services billed by tangible count.


Miscellaneous products and services.

Device as Service

End user support services that includes PC support, Tech Cafes, computer orders and deployments, mobile device management, software installs and print support.

Disaster Recovery

Business continuity services that includes backup, recovery, failover site, network redundancy, and monitoring.


Cloud-based financial supply chain services that includes the ability to procure, invoice, bill, collect and store financial data as well as maintenance and support.

State Data Center Facilities

Facilities maintenance and support services that includes data center, warehouse, related utilities, uninterruptible power supply units, water towers, generators, etc.


Safeguarding and protecting state data and applications that includes cybersecurity operations, compliance checks, risk assessment, security review, etc.

Service Desk Support

Technology support services that includes email and phone support, chat support, support portal, ticketing system, call system, etc.