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Claims and Benefits

A Veteran Service Officer (VSO) is a person who is trained and accredited by a state or national organization to provide assistance to veterans and their families in applying for benefits and services from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). VSOs typically work for veteran’s service organizations (VSOs), such as the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), or Disabled American Veterans (DAV), and they provide a wide range of services to help veterans navigate the VA benefits system.

This may include helping veterans to apply for disability compensation, pension benefits, and healthcare, as well as assisting with appeals of VA decisions. VSOs are an important resource for veterans seeking help in accessing the benefits and services they have earned through their military service.

What's not well known is that a Veteran Service Officer (VSO) can help a veteran with obtaining employment and functioning well once they have obtained a job in a number of ways, since the VSO and the veteran often develop a personal relationship in the course of their past interactions.

First, a VSO can assist veterans in identifying job opportunities that are suitable for their skills, experience, and interests. This may include reviewing a veteran's resume and cover letter and providing informal guidance on how to search for and apply for jobs. The VSO can also inform the veteran about resources at ODVA for events such as job fairs, career counseling, and job training programs that may be available to them.

Once the veteran has obtained a job, the VSO can continue to provide support to help them succeed in their new position. This may include assistance with identifying any additional training or education resources at ODVA that the veteran may need to advance in their career, as well as help with any personal challenges or issues that may arise on the job. The VSO can also work with the veteran and their employer to identify any accommodations or support that may be needed to help the veteran succeed in their role.

In addition to these specific employment-related services, a VSO can also provide more general support to help a veteran cope with the challenges of transitioning to civilian life or maintaining successful activities in civilian life. This may include assistance with accessing further VA benefits and services, as well as referrals to other organizations or resources that can provide additional support as needed.

Veteran Education Benefits 

  • Oklahoma Heroes Promise Scholarship
  • Oklahoma State National Guard Tuition Waiver

Veteran Employment Benefits

  • Oklahoma State Hiring Preference Policies For Veterans

Veteran Housing Benefits

  • Oklahoma State Veterans Homes
  • Veterans Can Buy a Home with $0 Down

Veteran Financial Benefits

  • Ad Valorem Property Tax Breaks for Veterans
  • Oklahoma Military Retirement Income Tax Exemption
  • Oklahoma Tax Policy On Active Duty Military Income
  • Active duty military pay is exempt from Oklahoma State income tax.
  • Oklahoma State Sales Tax Exemption For Honorably Discharged Veterans
  • Oklahoma State Tax Exemption For Military Retirement Benefits
  • Oklahoma State Excise Tax Exemptions For Disabled Veterans
  • The State of Oklahoma permits vehicle excise tax exemptions for qualifying veterans with a VA-rated

Additional Veteran Benefits

  • Recreational Benefits For Veterans

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