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Oklahoma Veterans

We are here to help veterans in aspects of employment, health, women veterans, veterans in the agricultural industry, and business, from formation to growth. 


Oklahoma City’s love and support for military service members and veterans was recently recognized by the Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU). Oklahoma City, OK, ranked #11 on NFCU’s annual 2020 Best Cities After Service. This list details the top cities around the country for veterans and service members transitioning from active duty to civilian life.

Empowering veterans and servicemembers to discover all the Great State of Oklahoma has to offer in support of their post-military service pursuit of quality of life and quality of opportunity.

Career/Job Board

Transition from the military to civilian life to continue my education, find a job or to help others.  Use our class resources to learn more about how to create resume, what interview questions I need to ask, how do I find a job, and so much more.

Claims & Benefits

A Veteran Service Officer (VSO) is a person who is trained and accredited by a state or national organization to provide assistance to veterans and their families in applying for benefits and services from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).


If you are interested in starting or expanding a small business, look no further than the OKVetWorks Program. We will help you get started and stay on course.


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TAPS will take you to the Gate, OKSTEP will take you through the gate and beyond

Oklahoma City Ranked #11 as a Top City for Transitioning Veterans.  Lets take it to Number #1

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