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Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

TANF is a federally-funded program for children deprived of support because of a parent's death, incapacity, absence or unemployment.

Cash assistance is available to the family on a time-limited basis through TANF. The purpose of this federal program is to provide temporary support in meeting basic needs, training leading to employment, employment services and child care assistance for qualified families with children.

  • Cash payment as shown on Appendix C-1 Schedule IX (A&B)
  • Soonercare – Child Care Subsidy (with $0 copay)
  • Participation in job readiness activities
  • Flex funds (based on need and care status)

To be considered eligible for TANF assistance, you must meet the following basic requirements:

  • U.S. Citizen or legal alien
  • Have responsibility for a minor child living in the home
  • Meet income standard(s) show on  Appendix C-1 Schedule IX (A&B)
  • Social Security number for all members included in TANF benefit
  • Agree to cooperate with Child Support Services
  • Agree to cooperate with a personalized TANF Work Plan which enhances your ability to ger/maintain employment

The preferred application method is to apply online at However, you many submit a completed  Form 08MP001E (Request for Benefits) to your local OKDHS Human Service Center.

 If you are unable to access the form online, they are available at your local office.

There are other resources that may be of assistance.

Oklahoma TANF State Plan    

The Oklahoma TANF State Plan consists of two parts, the Oklahoma State TANF Policy (OAC 340:10) which can be located in the electronic format at www.okdhs.organd the supplemental document below.  Both parts need to be read in their entirety to understand the state plan. 

This is the State of Oklahoma Plan to renew its eligible status for the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Block Grant submitted in accordance with Section 550 (1)(a) of the Balanced Budget Act of 1997 (P.L. 105-33).  The State of Oklahoma is continuing the State Plan currently on file as previously amended and with the attached amendments and certifications. 
                                                                                                                                               ...Read more

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