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Protect your SNAP benefits from hackers and scammers!

Your benefit card needs to be protected just like a debit card or credit card. Scammers can gain access to your funds by using information they find online, on social media, or by contacting you directly.

Keep these things in mind when activating and using your benefit card:

  • Oklahoma Human Services will NEVER call or text you and ask for your Social Security number or PIN.
  • Oklahoma Human Services will NEVER notify you that your card has been “locked” or “placed on hold.”
  • The ONLY time Oklahoma Human Services might ask for your Social Security number is if YOU call US.


Robocalls and Text Messages:

If you receive a call or text from a number you don’t recognize and they ask you to give them your personal information (Social Security number, PIN, benefit card number), DON’T DO IT. Instead, hang up and call 405-522-5050 and ask Oklahoma Human Services to verify the request. Do not to click on any links that may be included in the text messages.

Some examples of these scammer requests include:

Your card has been deactivated. Please provide your card number for authentication purposes in order for your card to be reactivated.

“Your EBT Card has been locked. Click the link to reactivate your card”

Soft PIN

Use a PIN that is hard to guess. Don’t use simple numbers like 1111 or 5678. Those are easy for hackers to guess and make your SNAP funds easy to attack. Instead, use a number only you will remember and have access to. Also, do not to use addresses or birthdates. Scammers can easily find those numbers with a quick internet search.

Card Skimming:

Sometimes, scammers place devices on the card readers at store checkouts. These devices steal your card information and PIN when you insert it to make a payment. Make sure to check the card readers for anything that looks out of place BEFORE inserting or swiping your card. Also, make sure that no one can see you enter your PIN. Use your free hand to hide the keypad from view.


  • Don’t respond to texts or calls from numbers you don’t know.
  • Don’t click on any links included in suspicious text messages.
  • Choose a PIN that would be difficult for anyone else to guess.
  • Check card readers for devices that look out of place.
  • Hide your PIN when you enter it at a check out.

Call (405) 522-5050 if you feel you have been a target of a fraud attempt.

Last Modified on Dec 14, 2023
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