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Administrative Letter 22-03

August 23, 2021
Administrative Letter 22-03

Dear Provider,

Effective September 1, 2021, individual contributions to room and board will increase as outlined below.

Description NEW RATE

Adult Served in SFC 

$19.00 per day

Child Served in SFC

$20.00 per day

This increase in room and board funding is needed as the rate has not changed in several years. The new amount will help to address cost of living increases and will reduce the need for spend downs. As a result, it is important for you to understand the member you serve will have fewer dollars available for spend downs. You will be expected to budget the room and board payments to cover reoccurring expenses and purchases identified in OAC 317:40-5-55.

The attached sheet has the expenses and purchases identified in policy OAC 317:40-5-55.

If you have questions, please email


Chris Castleberry | Program Manager II
Developmental Disabilities Services | State Office Residential Services

(25) The provider must use the room and board reimbursement payment to meet the member's needs, as specified in the room and board contract.
(A) The provider retains a copy of the current room and board contract in the home at all times.
(B) Items purchased with the room and board reimbursement include, but are not limited to:

(i) housing;
(ii) food;
(iii) clothing;
(iv) care;
(v) incidental expenses such as:

(I) birthday and Christmas gifts;
(II) haircuts;
(III) personal grooming equipment;
(IV) allowances;
(V) toys;
(VI) school supplies and lunches;
(VII) school pictures;
(VIII) costs of recreational activities;
(IX) special clothing items required for dress occasions and school classes such as gym shorts and shirts;
(X) extracurricular athletic and other equipment, including uniforms, needed for the member to pursue his or her particular interests or job;
(XI) prom and graduation expenses including caps, gowns, rings, pictures, and announcements;
(XII) routine transportation expenses involved in meeting the member's medical, educational, or recreational needs, unless the provider has a transportation contract;
(XIII) non-prescription medication; and
(XIV) other maintenance supplies required by the member.

(C) All items purchased for the member with the room and board payment are the property of the member and are given by the provider to the member when a change of residence occurs.
(D) The room and board payment is made on a monthly basis and is prorated based on the actual days the member is in the home on the initial and final months of residence

Last Modified on Sep 13, 2021
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