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Advisory Committee on Services to Persons with Developmental Disabilities
Thursday, April 15th, 2021
10 a.m. – via TEAMS

CALL TO ORDER: Wanda Felty, Chairperson;   Sonya Hunter, called the roll.     

ROLL CALL: Sonya Hunter, Secretary;  The following Committee members was present: Dyann Arnett, Robin Arter, Marcellius Bell, Tori Collier, John Corpolongo, Michele Disario, Wanda Felty, Janie Fugitt, Sonya Hunter, Jennifer Jones, Consuela Logan, Lorraine Sylvester, Lara Morrison and Lisa Turner.

Entered after roll call:
Michele Disario

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: The Committee motion to move adding Lorraine Sylvester to attendance for July 15, 2020 Committee minutes. Darrin will send updated meeting notes to committee.

NEW BUSINESS:  Beth Scrutchins DDS director:

Beth introduced Lara Morrison is our new Committee member.  Lara is with Central States Community Services of Oklahoma.

Committee elected and approved Robin Arter as policy sub-committee lead. The Committee approved Lara Morrison as policy sub-committee vice chair to step in her place as backup. Members may serve in one officer position for a maximum of two consecutive one-year terms. 

DDS UPDATEBeth Scrutchins DDS director;

Welcome and announcements -Thank you Ray Hester for being our liaison to this Committee.  Introduced Amy Baustert as the DDS Deputy Director for Administrative Services, includes intake, policy and CW Liaison and Sheila Bowen as our Community Services Deputy Director as our community services in the field.

Special welcome to Lara Morrison for serving on this Committee. We want to thank Wanda Felty for her service on this Committee.

DDS waiting list update:

We have moved 431 individuals from the Waiting List.  We have 122 pending cases which intake is working individually with those families. We have 118 cases have been certified and getting services in place or receiving services now.

We have 191 cases that have closed.

  • 35-unable to locate
  • 10-did not qualify for services
  • 28-emained on the WL
  • 4-remained in ICF
  • 33-declined services
  • 10-closures due to death
  • 5-Family support assistance program
  • 19-were non-cooperation closures (clients received mail or we had prior conversation with them and family did not follow through)
  • 8 - Individuals out of state
  • 39-No responses

We have a partnership pilot with the disabilities council called Scissortail Companion. We are also working with OSU to support us to do some research on this pilot.  The pilot involves placing 50 tablets in individual homes with support from our waivers, with the purpose of connection to the internet and technology with the hope of decreasing social isolation and digital skills and technology learning.

Jennifer Jones - OSU is doing the research piece. DDS is working with Coleman Institute and Able link.  We hoped to have the computers by now, but there has been a delay.  Those computers will be in homes by May.  We understand there is a wide range on the homes they are going in. We have 50 participants we will collect data from pre and post.  It does not mean we have only 50 users.  This is going into a DLS home, we may have 3 users, but we are only collecting data from one. We will be collecting date from caregivers for staff or family members. We are trying to figure out what the barriers of accessing and want to improve on what works and the outcomes. 

Value based payment program.  This is our effort to support provider agencies moving individuals into more competitive integrated employment type settings.  It is a $500 incentive payment from moving from a sheltered workshop to community based type work.  There is an additional $500 from moving from community-based program into a competitive integrated program. We are excited to see where this can go and anyway we can help providers and individuals move into integrated employment.

Approval of Rules:

The rules below were approved by Committee. 

317:40-5-57 is amended to (1) update terminology; (2) clarify the case manager’s role in reporting issues of concern; and (3) remove requirement for the case manager to monitor individual funds

317:40-5-58 is amended to (1) update terminology; (2) remove requirement for monthly contact by phone; (3) remove requirement for training records to be reported to DDS State Office. Records are now found on-line via the College of Direct Supports; (4) add expectation for foster care specialist to provide technical assistance and training for room and board responsibilities; (5) remove requirement for written room and board agreement; and (6) remove requirement for forms DCW-FH-2 and DDS-SFC-1.

317:40-5-62 is amended to (1) update terminology; (2) remove responsibility for case manager to monitor the Plan of Action unless specifically assigned to monitor. This is generally the responsibility of the foster care specialist; and (3) add language guiding the foster care specialist’s requirement to discuss a provider’s failure to complete the Plan of Action with are administrative staff.

317:40-7-2 is amended to (1) update the definition of group placement to match the job coaching policy and the rate change that was effective October 1, 2020.

317: - Value Based Payments is created (1) The Value Based Payments (VBP), is an incentive payment to providers who support individuals to move in the direction of competitive integrated employment. The goals are to provide strong incentives for our employment providers to locate and develop supported employment opportunities, create more options and opportunities for experiences along the pathway for employment and increase the number of individuals achieving competitive integrated employment.

340:100-3-8 is revoked (1) The rule is no longer applicable.  The policy applied to individuals working in the public facilities, which are now closed.  The revocation aligns with the Governor’s order to reduce unnecessary sections of rules.

340:100-3-27 is amended to (1) update terminology; and add rules regarding virtual monitoring by a case manager as requested with changes to the HCBS waivers effective 07/01/21.

340:100-3-40 is amended to (1) update terminology; (2) remove requirement for use Continuous Medical Record form as it requires agencies to duplicate documentation being maintained in other locations; and (3) remove reference to Health Status and Medication Review has this form has been revoked and combined with the form 06HM005E, Referral Form for Examination or Treatment.

340:100-3-40.1 is revoked (1) The Continuous Medical Record form is being dis-continued as it requires agencies to duplicate documentation being maintained in other locations and aligns with the Governor’s order to reduce unnecessary sections of rules.

340:100-3-41 is created (1) to provide rules for the delivery of identified services via telehealth as requested with changes to the HCBS waivers effective 07/01/21.

340:100-5-2 is revoked (1) The rule is no longer relevant and align with the Governor’s order to reduce unnecessary sections of rules

340:100-5-22.7 is created to (1) Rule issuance through the emergency rule making process is requested to support participation in community life for individuals receiving DDS residential services.   The rule adds provisions for DDS to supplement room and board costs for individuals with exceptionally low income.  These new provisions ensure that provider agencies are not paying room and board costs with Medicaid funding.

340-100-5-57.1 is revoked (1) This rule duplicates procedures outlined in other rules and contains references to groups that are no longer required or used.  Revocation of this rule aligns with the Governor’s order to reduce unnecessary sections of rules.

340:100-11-1, 11-3, 11-4, 11-5, 11-6, and 11-7 are revoked and 340:100-11-2 is amended (1) Rule issuance through the permanent rule making process is requested to revise the Greer rules to reflect current practices.  The revisions align with the Governor’s order to reduce unnecessary sections of rules. 

Regina Chace announced she is retiring June 1, 2021.

Possible Action Item

317: 40-5-55 and 340: 100-1-2 is approved by the Committee to not vote for this policy, table these policies to address issue.  This policy will be back with edits at next meeting July 15, 2021 to vote.

317:40-5-55 is amended to (1 ) update terminology;  (2) clarify limits on the provision of respite;  (3)  clarify limits on transportation for vacation and other non-covered trips;  (4)  change initial contact for substitute supervision from Case Manager to Foster Care Specialist; (5) clarify requirement for use of the Personal Possession Inventory; (6) change citation for reporting of abuse requirements to include 340:2-3-33; (7) increase members minimum contribution to $300;  (8) update language for reporting suspected abuse.

340:100-1-2 is amended to (1) update terminology; (2) add a definition for enabling technology; and (3) update the definition for prescription medication to account for prescribing by nurse practitioners and physician’s assistants.

Last Modified on Aug 09, 2021
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