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Incarceration Order Abatement FAQs

Starting 11/1/21 parents who owe child support may have their child support obligation stopped during their incarceration.

Child Support Services Incarceration Order Abatement

  • Incarcerated individuals who are not serving time for a crime committed against the child or parent who is owed child support.
  • Incarcerated on 11/1/21
  • Has an Oklahoma Child Support Order
  • Incarcerated for at least 181 days 
  • Who does not have the ability to pay 

  • It means that during the time of incarceration, child support will not be owed each month. 

  • Any child support owed prior to incarceration is still owed.

  • Yes, this applies to all child support orders in Oklahoma regardless of case status with DHS. 

  • If a person is incarcerated on 11/1/21 the abatement will go back to the 1 st day of the month following incarceration.

  • 90 days following release

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Last Modified on Aug 03, 2023
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