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Provider Update: November 6, 2018

To:  All Harmony Mobile Assessment Users

Subject:Reversal of Status on Documents in the Mobile Assessment Site


Reversal of Status on Documents is a feature in the Mobile Assessment Site to allow users to update the status of their own documents, generally from Pending to Draft, when they are not able to complete all required questions prior to needing to save the document and end their session.  

It has been brought to the attention of MSU that there have been a few instances where a user reversed the status of another users completed document and made updates to the document without duplicating the document and saving the new version under their own name.

It is a violation of use of the system to ever alter a document that was completed by another user. If updates are needed to an assessment the user should use the copy feature which creates a new document under the new users name and then the user may proceed with updates to the document as appropriate.

As a reminder the system maintains a history of all modifications made to a document and which user made those modifications.

If it is found that any user of the system inappropriately alters a document they will be sanctioned at a level commensurate with the violation. This sanction may include having access to work in the Harmony system removed.

**As a reminder all documents should be updated to a completed status prior to submitting to the appropriate MSU review team.

If you have any questions regarding the information provided above, please feel free to submit a Provider Question via the PQ Chapter in Harmony.

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