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Provider Update: December 13, 2018

Submission of Harmony Access Request in Harmony

Locate the Harmony Access Request for Non-DHS Employees form on the Harmony Project webpage at ttp:// It is located under the heading New User Access Requests. Complete all appropriate sections of the form; print the completed form; obtain signatures of the Requester, Requester's direct supervisor, and Agency authorized signer signature; scan the completed document and save to your computer. You will need to be able to attach this completed document to a Harmony note later in this process.

To submit a request for Harmony access or access change you will need to follow the PQ Provider Question Submission Job Sheet. As further guidance, please follow these steps in Harmony:

  • Once logged into Harmony, go to the PQ Chapter
  • Hover over File and select Add PQ
  • On the PQ, fill in all required fields and include Provider Name
  • For Inquiry Type, select Access Request
  • Fill in the detailed information including what you are requesting and for whom
  • Set the Status Pending

Note: when the Inquiry Type is set to Access Request, by default the Harmony Help Desk will receive the request, so you will not need to indicate an Assigned Resource.

  • Hover over File and select Save PQ
  • When "The save was successful" message appears, click OK
  • Sub-tabs will appear to the left, select Notes
  • Hover over File and select Add Note
  • Complete required fields
  • For PQ Note Type, select Access Request
  • For Status, select Pending
  • Select Add Attachment
  • Browse for and select appropriate completed Harmony Access Request form
  • Once the correct form is selected click on Upload
  • Hover over File, select Save and Close Note

Your access request has been submitted to the Harmony Help Desk and there should be a response to your request within 24 business hours.

Please note:  If you have any questions regarding the information provided above, please send questions through the PQ chapter in Harmony.

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