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Provider Update: May 26, 2021

To:  Case Management, Home Care, Assisted Living, Adult Day Health, and State Plan Personal Care Providers

Subject: Member Surveys – NCI-AD and OSU

Date:  May 26, 2021

Oklahoma Human Services – Community Living, Aging and Protective Services is proud to partner with Oklahoma State University (OSU) to implement National Core Indicators - Aging and Disabilities (NCI-AD™) in Oklahoma.  NCI-AD includes Member surveys that will allow Oklahoma to hear the voice of our direct service recipients, and to measure, track, and compare performance related to service delivery in our long-term services and supports. 

Beginning in June 2021, Dr. Whitney Bailey at OSU and her team of NCI-AD trained surveyors will contact randomly selected Members to request to conduct interviews.   

WE NEED YOUR HELP!  Participation is important to the success of this effort.  Please speak to your Members about the possibility they may be selected randomly to participate via phone or videoconference in this survey. 

We will obtain most demographic information from the Harmony system.  Please remind Members to stay safe from scams while encouraging participation in the NCI-AD effort with the following information:

  • Compiled survey data will be used only to improve services in Oklahoma.
  • Choice of whether or not to participate in the survey and responses to survey questions will not impact the services received.   
  • Surveyors will:
    • keep responses confidential,
    • allow someone to assist the Member in survey participation if desired,
  • Surveyors will never ask for your social security number, financial information, etc.

Please direct questions to Miranda Kieffer at or by phone at 405-209-7054.  Dr. Whitney Bailey is also available for questions at 405-714-1561.

If you have any questions regarding the information provided above, please feel free to contact us via Harmony Provider Question.     

ADvantage Administration | State Plan Care Unit | Medical Eligibility Services
Office: 918-933-4900 | CareLine: 800-435-4711

Last Modified on Sep 24, 2021
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