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Provider Update: January 13, 2020

To: All ADvantage Case Management Providers

Subject:CD-PASS Consumer-Directed Agent (CDA/CM) Training

CD-PASS is available to ADvantage Members statewide.  Every Case Management Provider will need at least one Case Manager and one Case Management Supervisor who has received Consumer Directed Agent (CDA/CM) training in order to provide Case Management services to Members who request the CD-PASS service option.

Case Manager Training:

Registration is now available for Case Managers and CM Supervisors to receive CD-PASS Consumer-Directed Agent (CDA/CM) Certification on Thursday, February 13, 2020 at the DHS Skyline Building in Tulsa.

NOTE: Registrants for this training are recommended to possess a minimum of 6 months experience as an ADvantage Case Manager prior to taking this training.

Seating is limited. Training will be conducted from 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM.  Completion of the full day of training, 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM will be required to receive CDA/CM certification.  If you wish to attend the CD-PASS Consumer Directed Agent (CDA/CM) Training, please go to the following link to register: 

Driving directions and/or campus maps will be provided on the online registration site.  

Check-in on the day of the training will begin at 8:30AM.

Food will not be allowed in the classroom, as this training will be conducted in a computer lab.  Everyone will be on their own for lunch break.

More Info about CD-PASS:

CD-PASS publications include the following:

  • CD-PASS: You Decide (brochure) – No. 09-102
  • Self- Guided Orientation ADvantage Program CD-PASS – No. 10-02
  • CD-PASS Employer Handbook – No. 12-33
  • CD-PASS Employee Handbook – No. 13-01


    Available online at:

    For printed copies, please request through the Harmony PQ Chapter.

Please send any questions regarding the information above through the Harmony PQ chapter.

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