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Provider Update: January 9, 2020

To: All Provider Agencies

Subject: Updated Harmony Access Request Form

An updated version of the Harmony Access Request Form is now available on the DHS Website.

Effective 1/13/2020, the new version should be used for all Harmony access/deactivation request.

All requests should be uploaded to a note in the Harmony system, Provider Question (PQ) chapter. In the event that no one at your agency has access to the Harmony system, PQ Chapter, the request may be faxed to (405) 230-8036.

As a reminder any request received without appropriate signatures (Requester, Requester's Direct Supervisor, and Agency Designed Authorized Signature Person) will be returned for correction.

The new version of the request form is attached and may also be accessed on the Harmony Project Site.

*Please send any questions regarding the above information using a PQ ticket in Harmony.

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