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Provider Update: June 8, 2018

Changes to Case Management Orientation Training

As MSU-AA prepares to migrate to a new Waiver Management system, Harmony, a monumental shift will occur in the way we have always conducted business in service plan processing. Case Management Orientation Training (CMOT) is the first exposure new Case Managers have in learning how to provide ADvantage services, and in knowing what is expected of them in executing their responsibilities in delivering services to ADvantage Members.  MSU-AA Training and Development has modified this training incorporating the use of the new waiver management software in how service plan processes and development.

For the convergence to the Harmony system, Case Management provider agencies that send potential case manager trainees will need to prepare their candidates somewhat differently.  Beginning for the first August CMOT, providers must provide pre-training.  A week prior to training potential case manager trainees must be trained on how to use the Harmony system by the agency Harmony Trainer.  This may be accomplished by having the candidate trainee shadow an experienced case manager.  The agency administrator must submit a letter affirming that the candidate was trained, or will be trained when submitting a request to MSU-AA for training.  This should be submitted on agency letterhead.  Once this documentation is received the MSU-AA Training Manager will approve/disapprove the request. 

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