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Provider Update #14 Transition to Sandata


Provider reporting has been a major topic of discussion during the most recent Sandata provider calls, and notification was posted to the EVV message board.  Providers were alerted to the effort underway by Sandata to develop reports to meet provider business needs.  Critical to this effort is feedback from the Provider Community, where Sandata would be able to determine what data needs to be captured and what providers need to be able to report on from the EVV system.  Sandata is aware of reporting from the AuthentiCare system and will be examining the 17 reports that were available to determine if Sandata reports already developed are equal to the AuthentiCare reports.  Providers are urged to offer feedback prior to Sandata moving forward with report development to ensure that reporting needs are met.  There is a survey posted on the MSU EVV webpage that providers are asked to complete.  Our intention is to develop reporting that fulfills provider needs and we would like to hear from as many providers as possible by December 18, 2014.  After this date we will compile provider responses and proceed with report development.  This is the link to the provider survey on the MSU EVV webpage:
If you have questions regarding this process please submit them to
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