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DDS Remains on Track with Cohort 5 Data Release

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Thirty-nine percent of Cohort 5 is approved for DDS services

OKLAHOMA CITY (April 16, 2023) — Oklahoma Human Services continues to stay on track to end the 13-year Developmental Disabilities Services (DDS) waitlist as new Cohort 5 data is released.

After a historic investment from the Legislature, nearly 5,000 applications were divided into seven cohorts to receive services based on when they joined the waitlist. Once contact is made with families, there is a six- to nine-month process to transition someone off the waitlist and onto services. 

As of March 31, 39% of Cohort 5 is already approved or receiving services. Cohort 5 includes 899 applicants who joined the waitlist between February 2016 and May 2019.

“We continue to fulfill our promise to connect families with services,” said Dr. Deb Shropshire, director of Oklahoma Human Services. “Cohort 5 signifies almost 350 more families for whom the wait is finally over.”

To date, nearly 1,800 families from the waitlist are approved or receiving services. For Cohorts 1-5, 40% are approved or receiving services, which matches the average waiver approval historically.

“We’re so pleased to continue to make progress on the waitlist and connect families with the services they need,” said DDS Division Director Beth Scrutchins.

Families on the waitlist are encouraged to update their information by contacting or 405-500-1866.

For more information, visit the DDS waitlist dashboard.

Media Contacts:
Ryan Stewart, Oklahoma Human Services, DDS Communications Coordinator 

Natalie Wright, Candor


Last Modified on Apr 16, 2024
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