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Child Support Collections from Lottery Winnings Tops $100,000

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

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For Media Inquiries, Contact:
Jeff Wagner – Oklahoma Child Support Services
(405) 522-0034,
Fax: (405) 522-275

OKLAHOMA CAPITOL -- For a few, winning the lottery is a dream come true, not for the winner but for the families to whom they owe child support.
Oklahoma state law requires lottery officials first check whether the winner owes back child support before paying out large prizes. Oklahoma Child Support Services reports that since October 2005, the lottery has collected $104,509.27 in past-due child support from 55 lottery winners.

Unfortunately, when parents fail to support their children, the taxpayers bear the burden.

“Being able to intercept lottery winnings on behalf of the children of Oklahoma is just one way OCSS helps keep families economically stable,” said Tammy Lee, Lottery Offset Coordinator for OCSS. “It also helps lower the tax burden on all Oklahomans.”

Oklahoma Child Support Services is a division of the Oklahoma Department of Human Services. OCSS enhances the well-being of children through its mission to establish, monitor and enforce a reliable source of support for the families it serves. The division is responsible for more than 189,000 active child support cases.


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