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Oklahoma Child Support Services Reflects New Program Focus

Monday, December 29, 2008

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Jeff Wagner – OKDHS Child Support Services
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OKLAHOMA CAPITOL -- Oklahoma Child Support Services (OCSS): a new name, reflecting the new focus on child support programs and services will be launched Jan. 1, according to OKDHS officials.
Oklahoma Child Support Services will offer more programs and solutions than ever before to child support customers in the state. The new name better reflects the organization’s focus on creating positive outcomes for children.

“The reality is that even though we have more remedies than ever before, our old name reflected what we do only when our primary mission of getting parents to provide reliable support on their own has failed,” said Gary Dart, director, Oklahoma Child Support Services. “Our new name reflects our vision of what our world looks like when we succeed.”

“We’re working with fatherhood programs, marriage initiatives and problem-solving courts to help parents get the tools they need to do the right thing for their children,” Dart added. “We help parents do the right thing in the first place rather than jumping into the picture only after they’ve failed.”

OCSS reduces reliance on public assistance by encouraging mothers and fathers to maintain personal responsibility for their children. Today, more Oklahoma children are receiving reliable ongoing financial support through income assignments. OCSS also helps parents file complicated court documents, expedites child support order review and adjustment and assists parents in presenting their issues before the court.

OCSS enhances the well-being of children through its mission to establish, monitor and enforce a reliable source of support for the families it serves. It manages more than 186,000 active child support cases.


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