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Library: Policy

OKDHS:2-41-16. Software copyright policy

Revised 6-15-08

     The Oklahoma Department of Human Services (OKDHS) licenses or purchases computer software from a variety of outside companies.  OKDHS does not have the right to reproduce the software or its related documentation unless authorized by the software developer.  The copyright statutes do not preclude the imposition of liability for copyright infringements on governmental agencies.  According to the U.S. Copyright Law, illegal reproduction of software can be subject to civil damages of $50,000 or more, and criminal penalties, including fines and imprisonment.

  • (1) Policy statement.  OKDHS respects the copyrights of all vendors supplying software.  The Data Services Division (DSD) will comply with the terms and conditions regarding copyrights of all vendors with whom OKDHS enters into software license agreements or from whom OKDHS purchases software.

  • (2) Copyright compliance.  To ensure that the integrity of the vendors copyright is maintained by the users, all personal computer users sign Form AD05133E, Employee and Non-Employee Acknowledgment of Confidentiality.  A user number will not be issued by DSD until a copy of the pledge is on file at DSD.  Each supervisor, having personal computers in their work place, ensures all users review the manual material, sign the pledge, and route the form according to instructions.

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