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Library: Policy

OKDHS:2-39-4. OKDHS forms and appendices

Issued 7-1-09

      The Office of Planning, Research, and Statistics (OPRS) maintains a log of all official Oklahoma Department of Human Services (OKDHS) forms and appendices that includes date issued, revised, or revoked.  Upon request, OPRS creates or revises forms and appendices in coordination with the division policy liaison.

  • (1) To initiate issuance, revision, or revocation of forms and appendices, the originating division submits to OPRS:
    • (A) Form 21AD083E, Request for Document Assistance; and
    • (B) an electronic or paper copy of the form with revisions indicated.
  • (2) OKDHS Appendices ST001E, OKDHS Standards for the Web, and ST002E, OKDHS Document Standards, and The Policy Handbook, are used for guidance in issuing, revising, or revoking forms and appendices.
  • (3) OPRS disseminates forms and appendices created via the OKDHS InfoNet and Internet.
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