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Library: Policy

OKDHS:2-21-113. Security identification badges

Revised 5-1-14

(a) Responsibility.  The Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS)  Support Services Departmental Services Unit (DSU) is responsible for issuing identification (ID) badges to all (DHS)  employees.  Security ID badges are issued to (DHS) employees and non-employees who require access to the Sequoyah Memorial Office Building (Sequoyah Building).

(b) Obtaining Photo ID Badges.  To enhance security access measures, all "walk-ins" are required to bring the properly signed Form 23AM010E, Employee ID Badge Request, with them when coming to DSU to obtain a new or replacement ID Badge.

  • (1) Security Access Badges.  Security access badges to the Sequoyah Building are intended for employees who are physically housed in that building.  Employees outside of the Sequoyah building can receive a security access badge after obtaining the appropriate signatures on the Form 23AM010E, Employee ID Badge Request.

  • (2) Employee ID Badges.  Regular non-security badges are provided by:

    • (A) Employess who walk-in.  Supervisor completes Form 23AM010E, Employee ID Badge Request, and gives it to the employee to hand deliver to DSU between the hours of 8:00 to 11:30 a.m. or between 1:30 to 4:00 pm., Monday through Friday.

    • (B) Employees who send email requests.  The following guidelines pertain to obtaining an ID Badge via email:

      • (i) use a digital camera with the highest resolution possible;

      • (ii) use a solid color background in all pictures; 

      • (iii) stand approximately 2.5 to 3 feet from the subject;

      • (iv) take the picture from the shoulders up as in a driver’s license photo;  (v) save the picture using the subject’s last and first name as a .jpg file.  Example:  Doe, John.jpg;

      • (vi) email to;

      • (vii) include in the email if the request is for a new employee or a replacement badge caused by a transfer or name change; and

      • (viii) the badge will be printed and mailed directly to the person making the request.

(c) Identification.  ID badges must be visible to security personnel at all times.  DHS employees display their ID badge as follows:

  • (1) while in the Sequoyah Memorial Office Building;

  • (2) while acting as a DHS representative in the field; and

  • (3) while on-site at any DHS location (statewide).

(d) Returned badges.  Supervisors are responsible for recovering ID badges when an employee leaves DHS employment.  All Sequoyah Building security access badges must be returned to the DSU badge coordinator for cancellation.  All non-security access badges are destroyed by the local office.

(e)  Lost or stolen badges.  For security purposes, employees should notify the DSU badge coordinator immediately if an access badge for the Sequoyah Building is lost or stolen.

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