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Library: Policy

OKDHS:2-11-61. Random moment time study

Revised 8-15-22

(a) Random moment time study (RMTS).  The Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards, codified at Part 200 of Title 2 of the Code of Federal Regulations (2 C.F.R Part 200), requires the documentation of costs for an employee charged to more than one federal or state program by a time report, or other approved methodology, that provides an equitable distribution of cost.  RMTS is a:

(1) statistical tool for estimating the distribution of employee time.  Oklahoma Human Services (OKDHS) collects representative employee time studies to estimate the total distribution of employee time statewide to document and support OKDHS claims for federal matching funds; and

(2) survey of random and computer-generated hits that are emailed each regular workday to local Child Welfare Services (CWS), Adult and Family Services (AFS), Adult Protective Services (APS), and Skilled Medical Nurses in both Community Living, Aging, and Protective Services (CAP) and Developmental Disabilities Services (DDS).  The sampled employee must respond to the email with a description of the activity in which they were engaged, at the specific date and time highlighted in the survey.

(b) Responsibilities for RMTS.

(1) Each county and district director ensures the employees in their respective counties or districts respond to all survey hits as soon as possible.

(2) The RMTS administrator in each county or district:

(A) assists the county and district director in ensuring that all survey hits have timely, completed responses;

(B) reroutes or forwards hits to new employees filling a vacancy;

(C) responds on behalf of vacant positions and employees on extended medical leave; and

(D) responds on behalf of employees on leave to meet the two-business day deadline.

(3) Each employee responds to the RMTS:

(A) immediately upon receipt from their OKDHS registered cellular phone or other device; and

(B) as accurately as possible to ensure the integrity of the time study.

(c) Web Access. The employee participating in the RMTS clicks the Interactive Voice Application (IVA) link to access the response documentation screen that displays all information necessary to record a sampled employee’s response.

(d) RMTS email hit.  The employee's email RMTS hit:

(1) identifies the sender as;

(2) identifies the employee and division of the position sampled;

(3) highlights the date and time targeted to respond for task performed.  The date and time the hit is sent is not the targeted time and date for a response; and

(4) provides the link to respond.

(e) RMTS response.

(1) The employee clicks on the IVA link in the RMTS email.

(2)  The employee selects from a menu of activities in the IVA system.

(A) For AFS and APS employees, the activities are generalized into:

(i) income maintenance;

(ii) client services; and

(iii) general referrals to divisions or programs.

(B) For CWS employees the activities are:

(i) eligibility determination or redetermination;

(ii) case management;

(iii) recruitment, approval, and development of foster care and adoption homes; and

(iv) training.

(C) For CAP and DDS employees the activities are:

(i) intake;

(ii) Investigations;

(iii) Service Planning; and

(iv) Documentation.

(3) The employee enters the client's case number in applicable survey responses.  This information is required for state and federal audit of programs when the specific response involves a client of OKDHS.  It is optional if the response is general.

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