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Library: Policy

OKDHS:2-11-96. Holidays

Revised 8-15-22

(a) Eligibility and exceptions.  Holiday leave is accrued and charged on the date that the holiday is observed, except as noted in (2) of this subsection.  Holiday leave may not be taken prior to the date accrued.

(1) Temporary employees and other limited-term employees are paid only for hours worked and are not eligible for paid holidays.

(2) If an employee must work on an observed holiday or the observed holiday is a regular day off, the employee is granted a compensatory holiday to be taken later.

(3) If an employee is on leave on an observed holiday, including sick leave, holiday leave is charged on that day and may not be saved for later use.  An employee must be in pay status or on furlough for the entire regularly scheduled workday before or the workday after the holiday to be eligible to accrue the holiday leave.

(b) Compensatory holidays.  Compensatory holidays are granted per (a)(2) of this Section.

(1) Compensatory holidays may not be taken prior to the date accrued.

(2) Compensatory holidays must be taken prior to approval for use of annual leave except when the annual leave would otherwise be forfeited per Oklahoma Administrative Code 260:25 Appendix B which sets accumulation limits.

(3) Compensatory holidays must be taken within 90-calendar days of the date accrued unless the OKDHS Director authorizes a longer period.  If, due to scheduling limitations, an employee is unable to take the compensatory holiday within the 90-calendar day period, Form 10PL003E, Compensatory Time Payout Request, is submitted to the Financial Services Payroll Unit, to compensate the employee for the holiday.

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