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340:75-19-33. Role of Oklahoma Human Services (OKDHS) tribal program staff

Revised 9-15-22

     OKDHS tribal program staff is assigned for each Oklahoma federally recognized tribe.  OKDHS tribal program staff is also assigned to each OKDHS Child Welfare Services region in proximity with assigned tribes.  • 1-3


Revised 9-15-22

1. The assignment of the Oklahoma Human Services (OKDHS) tribal program staff to specific tribes and state OKDHS Child Welfare (CWS) regions facilitates communication and relationships with the tribes.

2. OKDHS tribal program staff, referred to as tribal coordinators:

(1) develops an active working relationship with the assigned tribes and acts as a liaison between OKDHS and tribes;

(2) monitors OKDHS CWS compliance with the federal and state Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) through review of OKDHS child welfare cases for compliance with OKDHS ICWA policy and procedures;

(3) participates in committees or task forces both internally and with tribes, the Oklahoma Indian Child Welfare Association, courts, and partner agencies focused on ICWA issues;

(4) develops training materials and trains OKDHS CWS staff on ICWA and OKDHS ICWA policy and procedures; and

(5) trains partner agencies, including resource family partners, therapeutic foster care or intensive treatment family care agencies, and tribes on OKDHS ICWA policy and procedures.

3.  The OKDHS tribal program supervisor monitors Title IV-B Promoting Safe and Stable Families state contracts with eligible tribes and tribal-state IV-E contracts with federally recognized tribes.

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