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340:75-13-82. Funeral expenses for children

Revised 9-15-20

(a) The Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS)is responsible for funeral and burial expenses and related costs for a child in permanent DHScustody.

(b) When the child is in emergency or temporary DHScustody and in out-of-home placement, DHS determines the parent(s)' or next of kin's ability to assume the cost.When the parent(s) or next-of-kin is unable or unwilling, DHS assumes the responsibility.A maximum reimbursement limit of $4,500 is allowed for the funeral and burial.The parent(s) is responsible for all funeral and burial expenses when the child resides with the parent(s).  • 1

(c) When a child in permanent DHS custody has a documented terminal medical diagnosis at the time of adoption finalization, a maximum reimbursement limit of $4,500 is allowed for the funeral and burial.


Revised 9-15-20

1.Funeral and burial arrangements for children.Following the death of a child in Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS) custody and in out-of-home placement, or an eligible adopted child, DHS assumes the funeral and burial expenses.The child welfare (CW) specialist:

(1) negotiates funeral and burial costs with a local funeral vendor.This does not preclude the CW specialist from negotiating the donation of items.There are no restrictions on what items are paid for in the reimbursement limit;

(2) coordinates with the local funeral vendor to select what is included in the arrangements, keeping expenses from exceeding the $4,500 maximum;

(3) upon determination of the total reimbursement request, notifies Child Welfare Services (CWS) Finance and Business Operations (FBO) by phone or email of the:

(A) child's name and date of death;

(B) vendor's mailing address and federal employment identification (FEI) number; and

(C) total cost of the funeral and burial; and

(4) after ensuring the reimbursement request does not exceed $4,500, submits the invoice with the vendor's original signature and FEI number to CWS FBO.

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