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340:75-13-12. Title IV-E applications for children in OKDHS or tribal custody

Revised 6-1-12

     Custody specialists accept applications for Title IV-E eligibility and determine Title IV-E eligibility for children in Oklahoma Department of Human Services (OKDHS) custody or in the custody of Indian tribes that have a contractual agreement with OKDHS for payment of foster care services.  • 1


Revised 12-15-11



1.(a) CW specialist responsibilities for initiating a Title IV-E application.Within five business days of the filing of a petition regarding a child in out-of-home care or that results in a child's removal from the home, the Child Welfare (CW) specialist:

(1) completes an Oklahoma Department of Human Services records search through Information Management System (IMS) for history related to the child and family members;

(2) opens a KIDS case;

(3) enters the child's removal information via KIDS Removal screen;

(A) When the child's removal information is entered into the KIDS Removal screen, a KIDS secondary assignment is automatically generated to the custody specialist.

(B) The KIDS secondary assignment to the custody specialist is considered the referral for:

(i) Title XIX Medical benefits; and

(ii) Title IV-E eligibility determination;

(4) scans Form 04FC007E, Authorization from Parent or Guardian for Voluntary Foster Home Placement and Medical Care of Child, or the first court order issued that results in the child's removal from the home into the KIDS file cabinet no later than 15 business days following the issuance of the order or signing of Form 04FC007E;

(5) when the child has no Social Security number, completes and submits Form SS-5, Application for Social Security Number, and scans the document into the KIDS file cabinet verifying that an application was submitted, per OAC 340:75-13-10;

(7) documents each activity regarding the application process in KIDS Contacts screen;

(8) views the current eligibility status in the child's KIDS Eligibility Determination screen.The KIDS case is updated with Title IV-Eand Title XIX eligibility status through a nightly batch interface between IMS and KIDS; and

(9) scans each subsequent court order to the KIDS file cabinet within 15 business days of each hearing.

(b) Custody specialist responsibilities.Upon receipt of the secondary KIDS workload assignment, the custody specialist:

(1) obtains and prints all household composition verification documents including:

(A) emails from the CW specialist verifying household composition and income at the time of the child's removal from the home;

(B) information from the KIDS system;

(C) information from the Child Welfare (CW) specialist or tribal representative who has personal knowledge of the household's situation at the time of the child's removal;

(D) Form 04KI003E, Report to District Attorney;

(E) the removal court orders from the KIDS file cabinet;

(F) all available income verifications including:

(i) FACS case notes from family support cases open at the time of the child’s removal from the home;

(ii) relevant Information Management System (IMS) screens including:

(I) PY, an index data exchange information and case data for a particular person;

(II) Oklahoma Wage Link (OWL or OWC) the most current OESC wage information and unemployment benefits;

(III) Oklahoma Child Support Services (OCSS);

(IV) EB, financial assistance program;

(V) EC, food stamp eligibility information;

(VI) ED, medical assistance eligibility information; and

(VII) other relevant sources of income verification as listed in OAC 340:65-3-4 Instructions to Staff (ITS).

(2) to complete the initial Title IV-E determination, enters into the KIDS IV-E screens the:

(A) income;

(B) household composition; and

(C) court order information;

(3) prints and signs Form 04KI002E, Eligibility Determination;

(4) completes the initial Title IV-E determination within 45 days of receipt of the secondary assignment; and

(5) maintains all printed household composition verification in the initial Title IV-E Determination section of the paper case record.

(c) Tribal cases.Refer to OAC 340:75-13-21 ITS for information regarding Title IV-E applications for children in Tribal Custody.

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