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340:75-1-151.3. Role of Oklahoma Human Services (OKDHS) Oklahoma Children's Services (OCS) contract liaison  • 1 through 6

Issued 7-19-21

       The OKDHS OCS contract liaison screens and approves or denies referrals for OCS.


Issued 7-19-21

1.  Oklahoma Children's Services (OCS) contract liaison general responsibilities. The Oklahoma Human Services (OKDHS) OCS contract liaison:

(1) is the gatekeeper for OCS referrals;

(2) monitors OCS contractor case records;

(3) enhances coordination and communication between OKDHS and OCS contract staff;

(4) provides oversight and guidance to the OCS contractor; and

(5) monitors and reviews cases to ensure the participating child and family receive the necessary voluntary prevention and intervention-related services to reinforce child safety.  This includes further child welfare (CW) action when the child is harmed or the child's safety or well-being is threatened during the service period.

2.  Gatekeeping.  The OCS contract liaison screens and approves or denies OCS referrals to ensure all referrals submitted to the OCS contractor are complete and appropriate.

(1) The OCS contract liaison addresses incomplete or insufficient referral submissions with the referring CW specialist and CW supervisor.

(2) The OCS contract liaison determines the priority and appropriateness of service based on the family's circumstances, threats, or available community resources.

3.  Training for OKDHS and OCS contract staff.  The OCS contract liaison provides training regarding OCS referral criteria and procedures, role expectations, OCS policy, and OCS contract requirements.

4.  Case consultation and staffing.  When OCS continues after CW case closure, the OCS contract liaison provides case consultation and participates in case staffings.  The OCS contract liaison:

(1) and contract administrators address issues and concerns resulting from case monitoring; and

(2) provides problem resolution when OCS conflicts develop between contract and OKDHS staff.

5.  Case monitoring and auditing.  OCS contract liaisons monitor open OCS cases to improve practice and identify OKDHS and OCS contract staff training needs.  Findings are provided to the regional deputy director, district director, and programs staff as appropriate.

6.  OCS contract liaison tracking.  The OCS contract liaison maintains detailed tracking systems for OCS referrals and waiting lists for both the region and districts within the region.  Information is communicated to OKDHS and contract staff as needed to ensure timely and appropriate services.