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Library: Policy

340:50-15-7. Suspension of collection efforts

Revised 6-1-13

(a) The Adult and Family Services (AFS) Benefit Integrity and Recovery Section (BIRS) suspends collection action on cases no longer receiving food benefits when the:

  • (1) primary responsible household member is deceased and there are no remaining adult household members responsible for the overpayment; • 1

  • (2) household cannot be located; • 2 or

  • (3) cost of further collection action is likely to exceed the amount that can be recovered.

(b) AFS BIRS may:

  • (1) reopen debts held in suspension based on changes in household circumstances; or

  • (2) initiate reduction in the food benefit if the client reapplies and becomes eligible in the future.


Issued 6-1-13

1.Primary responsible household member is defined as the individual whose name is shown on the overpayment computer system in the claim details.  Generally, this person was payee or head of household when the overpayment occurred.It may also be a person connected to the household who trafficked or otherwise caused the overpayment.

2.Adult and Family Services (AFS) Benefit Integrity and Recovery Section (BIRS) staff terminate claims when unable to locate adult household members for three years or more.

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