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340:50-11-64. Destroyed food purchased with benefits

Revised 6-1-13

(a) In households where food purchased with benefits is destroyed in a household misfortune such as a fire, tornado, or flood, a replacement of the actual value of loss, not to exceed the household's monthly allotment, may be made if the loss is reported within 10 calendar days of the loss and the loss is verified.  Food loss through loss of electricity or malfunction of appliances unless caused by a household misfortune, does not qualify for a Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) replacement.  • 1

(b) Prior to issuing the replacement, a household member must complete Form 08FB012E, Request for Replacement of Destroyed Food, attesting to the loss within ten days of the report of the loss.  When the Oklahoma Department of Human Services is not open for business on the 10th calendar day, the form must be received by the next business day.  The worker must issue the replacement within 10 calendar days of the reported loss or within two business days of receiving the completed form, whichever is later.

Revised 6-1-11


1.The worker processes the replacement using the Food Stamp Replacement (FSRP) transaction.The worker documents in Family Assistance/Client Services case notes each request for replacement, the date requested, the reason, and if the replacement was provided.

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