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340:25-3-1. Authority and scope

Revised 7-1-09

(a) Section 162.2 of Title 56 of the Oklahoma Statutes authorizes the Director of the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (OKDHS) to appoint and commission peace officers to conduct investigations and assist in prosecuting court proceedings related to child support.  Peace officers of Oklahoma Child Support Services (OCSS) serve civil process and execute, arrest warrants and other court orders in cases in which OKDHS is a party or participant.  • 1

(b) Peace officers may be authorized to possess and use firearms while performing their official OKDHS duties.  Firearms are carried in compliance with applicable state and federal laws.  • 2

(c) This Subchapter does not apply to peace officers employed by entities under contract or agreement with OCSS.


Revised 7-1-09


1.(a) Peace officers must meet all applicable requirements for certification under: 

(1) Sections 3311, 3311.4, 3311.5, and 3311.7 of Title 70 of the Oklahoma Statutes; and [Section 3311.1 has been renumbered as 19 OS §215.28 and speaks to the creation of a district attorneys council; §3311.2 speaks to polygraph examiners and administrative functions thereof; §3311.3 speaks to the creation of a CLEET petty cash fund; and §3311.6 speaks to the creation of a CLEET training center revolving fund.] 

(2) applicable rules of the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET). 

(b) Peace officers must be certified by CLEET under OAC 390:10 to be authorized to carry and use firearms. 

(c) Peace officers of Oklahoma Child Support Services (OCSS) must meet applicable continuing law enforcement education requirements under OAC 390:25. 

(d) Peace officers, while armed, must have their credentials in their possession. 

(e) Firearms may be carried by authorized peace officers only when authorized to do so by the OCSS director. 

(f) Peace officers provide their own firearms.Peace officers who carry a firearm must annually meet requalification standards with that firearm.Requalification standards are established by CLEET.A certified firearms instructor conducts the requalification process.Failure to meet the requalification standards, for any reason, immediately results in the removal of duties requiring the use of a firearm until the requalification standards are met. 

(g) A peace officer may only carry firearms:

(1) approved by the OCSS director; and

(2) with which the officer qualified during the most recent requalification process.

(h) Peace officers may not carry a rifle or shotgun.

(i)Peace officers may only use ammunition supplied by OCSS.

2.Authority for any peace officer to carry firearms may be withdrawn, temporarily or permanently, at any time, at the sole discretion of the OCSS director or the Oklahoma Department of Human Services Director.


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