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Library: Policy

340:2-21-12. Open records program purpose and authority

Revised 7-1-06

(a) Purpose. The Oklahoma Department of Human Services (OKDHS) maintains an open records program to:

  • (1) meet public requests for accessible records with some uniformity;
  • (2) provide assistance to OKDHS offices asked to supply records;
  • (3) initiate requests for legal assistance in determining whether certain disputed records may be accessible to the public;
  • (4) prepare responses to requests for access in cases where the record or portions of the record are considered confidential by OKDHS; and
  • (5) determine whether the request warrants charging a fee, and ensure the fees are collected before release of the information.

(b) Authority. The authority for the open records program is the Open Records Act that ensures and assists the public's right to access, review, and copy governmental records, except where specifically required by federal or state law and regulation to be kept confidential. [51 O.S. § 24A.1 - 24A.26]

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