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Library: Policy

340:2-21-16. Fees

Revised 7-1-06

(a) Fees for open records requests are not used to discourage requests for information or as obstacles to disclosure of requested information.  A search fee is never charged for release of documents that are in the public interest, including, but not limited to, requests by news media, scholars, authors, and taxpayers determining whether government is competently performing their duties as public servants.

  • (1) Fees are outlined in (A) through (E) of this paragraph.
    • (A) There is no charge for 100 pages or less in a calendar year.
    • (B) For requests exceeding 100 pages in a calendar year, the fee is $.25 per page.
    • (C) For certified documents, the fee is $1 per page.
    • (D) Commercial requests, or those which would cause excessive disruption of office function, are charged $25 per hour for staff time.
    • (E) For requests requiring computer programming, the fee is equal to labor costs and computer processing time.
  • (2) For a request by commercial users for computer runs, microfilming, or reproduction, other than photocopying, the requester pays the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (OKDHS) cost for duplicating the information involved.  If computer programming is necessary to isolate requested or confidential information, the fee equals the labor costs plus cost of computer processing time necessary to produce the record.  The OKDHS Finance Division establishes the cost for computer processing at the time the work is performed.  • 1

(b) All fees are paid prior to delivering the copies.  If the request is for search only, the fee is paid before the person is allowed to review the material.  All fees are paid by check or money order payable to OKDHS.  Cash is not accepted.  • 2

1.   The Open Records Section staff coordinates with the appropriate division to obtain information regarding the amount of staff time required to generate the reproduction at a cost of $25 per hour or less if the division indicates a lesser cost, and the cost of materials such as computer tapes or diskettes.

2.   The public records officer (PRO):

(1) explains the fee to the requestor;

(2) attaches the fee payment to a memorandum that specifies the:

(A) type of fee payment; and

(B) division name; and

(3) forwards the memo and payment to the Finance Division. 

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