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340:2-11-121. Per diem

Revised 7-1-06

     Per diem expenses are reimbursable only when an employee or non-employee is in overnight travel status.

  • (1) Authorized per diem reimbursement rates vary depending on the location of travel as identified in General Services  Administration (GSA) Continental United States (CONUS) rates for domestic locations and for locations outside of the Continental United States (OCONUS). • 1  
  • (2) An employee attending a conference or workshop in which meals are provided as part of the package plan must send the Finance Division via intra-agency mail a copy of the agenda or workshop notice to supplement information provided in the filing of a claim using Speed-E-Travel.  A non-employee attaches a copy of the document to Form ADM-6, Travel Claim.  A deduction of one-fourth of the per diem amount is made from the per diem amount for each meal provided as part of the package plan at conferences or workshops.  • 2
  • (3) Out-of-state reimbursement for per diem and lodging does not begin more than 24 hours before or continue more than 24 hours after the objective of the trip except as stated in this paragraph.  Under limited circumstances involving airline travel, reimbursement may begin as many as 48 hours before and extend as many as 48 hours after the objective of the trip if airfare is lower than the amount which would have been reimbursed had the 24-hour rule been applied.  Any extra day must be a weekend day.  • 3
  • (4) The claimed amount for reimbursement including time that exceeded the 24-hour rule cannot be more than the amount of eligible reimbursement, if the 24-hour rule had been applied, including the airfare rate available at the time. • 4

1.  Per diem rates are available at the U.S. General Services Administration Web site.  Look for Domestic Per Diem Rates.

2.   Refreshments served at receptions and breaks, including such things as rolls and coffee in the morning, do not count as meals.

3.  (a) The Support Services Division (SSD), Departmental Services Unit DSU, travel coordinator recommends the propriety of utilizing the 24 and 48 hour rule.  The travel coordinator determines the most advantageous flight times for OKDHS.  An employee or non-employee opting to travel outside the recommended times is not reimbursed for per diem, lodging, and similar expenses for the time that precedes or follows the recommended time.

(b) An extra day related to the 24-hour rule applies when the purpose of the trip:

(1) begins on Monday, reimbursement status cannot begin earlier than Saturday;

(2) begins on Tuesday, reimbursement status cannot begin earlier than Sunday;

(3) ends on Friday, reimbursement status cannot end later than Sunday; or

(4) ends on Thursday, reimbursement status cannot end later than Saturday.

4.  Documentation of comparison cost analysis obtained from the DSU travel coordinator under both scenarios must be included with the filed claim.

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